Pediatric Eye Exam

Jacksonville, FL

Regular pediatric eye exams are crucial for the early detection of eye problems, as many of them can develop at an early age. At Hanna Eye Care in Jacksonville, FL, we offer comprehensive eye care services for the entire family, including your little ones! Our eye doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating eye health and vision problems in children of all ages. 

Working with children is very rewarding for us. There’s nothing better than helping a child see clearly and realize there’s a whole new world out there.

How often should my child have an eye exam? 

Children should have their first eye exam at 6 months, followed by a second exam at three years old and one more before they enter kindergarten.

If your child is in school, they should have an eye exam every two years if they don’t wear corrective lenses. Children who need eyeglasses or contact lenses should see their eye doctor annually or as recommended by their doctor. 

Your child’s eye exam will vary based on their age, eye health, and risk factors. Pediatric eye exams typically include taking a case history, vision testing, eye alignment testing, an eye health evaluation, and prescribing eyeglasses if necessary. 

Why are regular eye exams important for children?    

As parents and guardians, we all want our children to see the world clearly and confidently. That’s why regular eye exams are so important! These exams help to ensure that your child’s vision is developing normally and that any potential issues are detected and treated early.  

Eye exams not only promote healthy vision but can also have a positive impact on your child’s academic performance and overall well-being. Eighty percent of all learning is visual, which means children with vision problems may struggle in school and even lose interest in their lessons. During a pediatric eye exam, our eye doctor makes sure your child has all the visual skills necessary for successful reading and writing:   

  • Excellent vision for near, up-close work and distance.    
  • Comfortable and correct “eye teaming,” which means the eyes work well together and can focus on the same place in space.    
  • The ability to adjust focus to see clearly at different distances.  
  • Accurate eye movement skills, such as the ability to read a line of text.    

What are the signs of vision problems in children?    

Vision problems in children can be difficult to detect. Sometimes children don’t realize they have a vision problem and think everyone sees the same way. The good news is that our eye doctor can identify many vision problems and eye issues during a pediatric eye exam. If these issues are left untreated, they can lead to permanent vision damage, developmental delays, and learning issues in children. That’s why regular pediatric eye exams are crucial for the early detection and treatment of any potential problems, ensuring that your child can see clearly for years to come! 

Knowing the signs of vision problems in children can help you decide when it’s time to schedule an eye exam for your little one. Here are some signs to look out for: 

  • Frequent blinking, squinting, or irregular eye movements    
  • Frequently turning or tilting their head  
  • Covering or closing one eye to see better  
  • Poor hand-eye coordination or motor skills  
  • Rubbing their eyes frequently  
  • Frequent headaches   
  • Leaning in too close to see something or read  
  • Learning difficulties and poor handwriting     

If you notice any of these behaviors in your child, it’s possible that they have a vision or eye health problem and should be seen by an eye doctor. However, it’s crucial to remember that your child may not show any symptoms and still have an underlying eye issue. So, regular pediatric eye exams are essential to ensure that any potential problems are caught and treated early, even if your child appears to have healthy eyes. 

With years of experience and a passion for helping children see the world clearly, our eye doctors in Jacksonville provide high-quality eye care services that prioritize your child’s vision and overall well-being. We understand that a visit to the eye doctor can be stressful for kids, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our pediatric eye exams are comfortable and stress-free. If you’re concerned about your child’s eye health or it’s been a while since their last eye exam, contact us today to schedule a pediatric eye exam!