Children’s Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to Hanna Eye Care’s Children’s Optical!  

Our team is committed to providing a warm and friendly environment where children can feel comfortable and at ease while choosing their eyewear. Our expert optical staff can help you and your child choose the perfect pair of glasses that suits their unique style and personality.  

Our selection of children’s eyewear includes trendy and stylish frames as well as practical options designed to keep up with active kids. We know that finding the right fit is important, which is why we offer personalized fittings to ensure that your child’s glasses are comfortable and secure. 

When it comes to choosing eyeglasses for your little one, there are many features to consider: 


One important feature to consider is the thickness of the lenses. Thin and lightweight lenses are ideal for children’s eyeglasses, as thicker lenses can be heavy and uncomfortable. Lenses made of polycarbonate or Trivex are good options for children’s eyeglasses. They are not only lightweight but also highly durable and impact resistant. 

Proper bridge fit  

The bridge fit of your child’s eyeglasses is another crucial factor to consider. Glasses should have a bridge that fits comfortably on your child’s nose without sliding down or pinching. To ensure a good fit, choose glasses with adjustable nose pads or flexible bridges. Our optician can work with your child to ensure their glasses have the proper bridge fit.   

Temple style   

It’s also critical to consider the temple style when shopping for children’s eyewear. Temples that are too long or too short can make the glasses uncomfortable to wear and may even cause them to slip off. To ensure your child’s glasses stay in place and feel comfortable, we recommend choosing frames with temples that are the appropriate length for their head size and shape. For younger children, wraparound temple styles can be especially helpful in keeping their eyeglasses in place. 

Spring hinges   

Spring hinges are another useful feature to look for in children’s eyeglasses. These hinges allow the temples to flex, making the glasses more comfortable to wear and less likely to break.  

Children’s sunglasses   

At Hanna Eye Care, we believe that protecting your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial to their eye health. That’s why we offer a wide selection of children’s sunglasses in addition to our eyeglasses.  

Whether your child is playing at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply enjoying a sunny day outside, sunglasses are essential to protecting their eyes. Even babies and young children need eye protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Our sunglasses are specifically designed with your child’s eye health in mind. They are made with high-quality materials that provide superior UV protection while also being comfortable and stylish. 

Sports glasses 

Sports can be tough for children who wear glasses, as the glasses may slip and slide during intense movements. With our sports glasses, your child can stay active and comfortable while enjoying their favorite sports. They are made entirely out of plastic and feature temples that don’t include hinges, ensuring a secure fit during even the most vigorous activities. To make sure that the glasses stay in place, they come with an elastic strap for the head. This strap keeps the glasses snug and secure, so your child can focus on the game instead of their eyewear. 

At Hanna Eye Care, our team of eye care professionals is here to help your child find the perfect eyewear. We will work with you to select the right frames and lenses to meet your child’s visual needs and style. Come visit us at our Jacksonville location and see the difference that Hanna Eye Care’s Children’s Optical can make for your child’s vision!