Eyes Watering More Than Usual? It Could Be a Sign of Dry Eye Syndrome

Feb 1, 2024

Have your eyes been watering constantly? Do you find yourself reaching for tissues throughout the day? While you might think it’s allergies or something stuck in your eye, it could also be a sign of dry eye syndrome. Yes, you read that right. When your eyes don’t produce enough tears, your body compensates by producing more reflex tears. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the causes and symptoms as well as dry eye treatment options in Jacksonville.

Understanding dry eye syndrome 

Dry eye syndrome happens when your eyes struggle to make enough tears or when the quality of your tears is poor. Tears are essential for keeping your eyes healthy, as they lubricate your eyes, wash away debris, and protect against infections. When you don’t have enough tears or when the quality of your tears is poor, your eyes can get irritated, red, and inflamed, leading to symptoms like watery eyes. 

What causes dry eye?  

Many factors can lead to dry eye syndrome, including aging, menopause, smoking, certain medications, environmental factors, autoimmune disorders, and extended use of digital screens. Women over 50 years old are more likely to develop dry eye syndrome than men, but anyone can experience it due to spending too much time on screens or dealing with rough weather. 

What are the symptoms of dry eye? 

Dry eye syndrome can cause a range of symptoms, such as burning or stinging eyes, itchiness, redness, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. In severe cases, it can even lead to corneal damage and vision loss. Fortunately, the good news is that most cases of dry eye can be treated with medication, lifestyle changes, or home remedies. 

Treating dry eye syndrome 

If you’ve been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, don’t worry! There are plenty of treatment options that your eye doctor may suggest. Depending on how serious your condition is, they might recommend artificial tears, prescription eye drops, or even tear duct plugs that help keep your eyes lubricated by blocking drainage. Your eye doctor might also recommend lifestyle changes like using a humidifier, taking breaks from screens, or avoiding dry or windy environments.  

If you’re dealing with watery eyes, it’s crucial to visit an eye doctor who can determine the root cause. It could be a sign of dry eye syndrome, which we specialize in treating at our eye clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experts are here to help you find long-lasting relief and understand the underlying cause. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help you feel your best!